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SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, not to be confused with SEM or Search Engine Marketing which is usually associated with paid ads that appear at the top of Google’s search results or in the newsfeed (and to the right) on Facebook.

SEO primary purpose is to structure your site so it is easy to understand your site’s intent and primary market for Google & the other search engines when they “crawl” it, thereby achieving higher rankings & more exposure.

Before we get a little deeper, understand why a strong SEO strategy is so important to Google & will reward you with higher rankings if done correctly.

Google is just a website, just like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc… Their main source of revenue are the paid ads that generate billions. And Google has come up against serious competition for market share lately, especially from Facebook. So the integrity / quality of their search results needs to be extremely relevant & valuable to the searcher, or she/ he may go to another source for their requested information. If that happens, Google loses the opportunity than and maybe in the future of retaining a client that may click on a paid ad where they would than get paid by the advertiser.