Google Rankings | The New Google Business Profile: A Complete Guide for Local SEO

Dan Kleinke

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Great read on Google’s changes to GBP (formerly Google My Business). Click Below for a complete guide for local SEO.

***** Read Below for 4 Powerful GBP tips as well as 1 BONUS Tip that will Drive Traffic / Organic Rankings & Affiliate Sales

“Learn how to manage your Google Business Profile from Google Search and the Google Maps App”

If you’re not using GBP to rank your site / clients site / affiliate site… & kick some competitors a**, make it a 2022 resolution as Google is shifting a lot of authority that way!!!

Click Here for Complete Local SEO Guide with Google’s New GBP: https://bit.ly/3qsVEnr

4 Tips on GBP + 1 BONUS Tip:

1st: Fill out completely!!! Especially the “Services” section & the free GBP website (use both to “jack” some space for keywords & root links).

2nd: Do the above BEFORE you verify as Google is in another one of their “suspend” modes.

3rd: Google is now requiring a “video” verification which is turning out to be a pain in the a** if your clients are hundreds of miles away and not very tech-savvy.

If anyone has any workarounds on this, let me know. My crew will figure it out but nothing at the moment.

4th: If you have an existing GBP and need to make changes, do in small chunks so you don’t risk a suspension.

If you do get suspended, here is the link to get reinstated (I have this URL on my speed dial!): https://bit.ly/3ey357i

Advanced BONUS SEO Backlinking Tip:

Your / Client / Affiliate site GBP URL link can withstand some serious backlinking push to build out your Tier1 backlink profile & drive bots to your MS / Money Site. Just stay away from GSA/ SENuke/ XRummer/ etc. unless you REALLY know what you’re doing, a good way to get de-indexed.

With that said, I’ve used all the above…& more, and have incredible results using GSA for multiple platforms when the campaigns were laid out correctly.

In my experience, the safest way to push link juice to a GBP would be Web2 contextual links, preferably from niche-related PBN’s with high DA’s &… OBL’s (outbound links) under 30 if possible.

SIDE NOTE: Many so-called “Experts” will disavow the strategies I just laid out which is total BS…All they want to do is sell you their package or service based on their limited tunnel vision…”A Confused Mind Will Always Say No”.

Backlinking profiles were Google’s only ranking factor when it first launched in 1998 and still is a top factor. IF DONE RIGHT… You Can Dominate!    Learn it / Love It /  Profit!…

I will put out a tutorial in 2022 on how to optimize this powerful GBP ranking tool & backlinking strategies.

If anyone has a topic you would like me to hit or a question I can clarify, mail me at the address below.

Dan Kleinke is a senior partner with 6 Degrees Social & has over 22 years in digital marketing. He specializes in SEO, Social Media, PPC, Content Creation, Reputation Management, and many more essentials for a successful online campaign.

Clients have included Google (where his agency drove traffic from 18 countries, generating over 32 million in revenue in 4 years), several regional banks, HVAC companies, law firms, fitness clubs, and several more.

Dan also volunteers his time on the marketing board of the Milwaukee USO. This organization is set up to accommodate active personal in easing the stress of tours, travels, and staying connected with their families.

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