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GBP-eliminated-_alternatives-6DSOff-page SEO refers to external factors that feed into search engine algorithms, but are not directly in your control…

For Example:

Social media networks (like Facebook | Twitter | Google +) influence the position of small business’s website in search results. While you can control the information you provide to Facebook, you don’t control Facebook itself.
Your goal with off-page SEO will be to create trust, build links and show search engines your business is personal and social.

Trust | Authority:
–  Provide relevant & up to date info on your specific topic, “Be The Expert” so your reader will not “Bounce off the page”
– Don’t Plagiarizes or “Steal” anyone else’s content… Be Original!

Social Reputation & Reviews:
– Being an expert in your field will generate links from other bloggers that will share your articles… creating valuable links to your site
– Always generate Reviews for your product or services

Be Local… for Local Searches:
– Always your city/ region in all published content
– Be regionally specific and an “expert” at the same time
– External Links

Do Not use services that…
– Promise to generate 100’s of links page to your site. “Spamming” will get your site dropped in engine rankings & even de-indexed.
– Will submit you to a 1000 search engines. Again, Google considers this spamming & will penalize your site.
– Provide relevant & up to date info on your specific topic, “Be The Expert” so your reader will not “Bounce off the page”
– Don’t Plagiaries or “Steal” anyone else’s content… Be Original!

Strategies to help you rank FASTER! If you only learn one thing from reading this material, I hope it is this:

SEO and Social Media Internet Marketing have a direct relationship to each other…and improvement to one is an improvement to the other PERIOD!

They strategies laid out below will help you build an effective & cost efficient SEO marketing campaign that will drive traffic to your site & help convert prospects into clients….So Let’s Get Started!

Method # 1: Google Business Listing & Google My Account

Start with getting listed on Google My Places. This not only puts you in front of prospects looking to do business locally, it also indexes throughout  Googles algorithms including listings on Google Map, giving you more ranking authority.

To set up a Google My Business listing…register at:


Benefits of a Google Business Listing:

Prospects receive the right information such as
Hours of operation
Driving instructions to your business/ Google Maps
Correct Phone #
Positive Reviews
Information about how your business can benefit their needs
Also make sure that you have a Google My Account set up…register at:


A Google Account gives you Google-wide access to most of their products, such as AdWords, Gmail, and YouTube, using the same username and password. It provides a hub to manage & track your SEO & internet marketing campaigns.

Method # 2: Online Directory Sites

Search engine algorithms will give you serious love & higher rankings if you are listed in directory sites. Not only does it give you credibility, it also expands your presence across the web…including reviews & that sites rankings of your product or service. The logic is that if you are listed on credible directory sites, this is something a searcher should know about and will award with more exposure…leading to more clients

On-line directory sites are identified as “Off-page” SEO because each directory site directs links back to your local business site. While you cannot control where an online directory shares your local business’s details, you can regulate the accuracy of the details itself.

You have two ways to monitor and if incorrect,  fix your listing information:

Either you can do it manually…site by site
Or contact Streamline Advertising, we will run a scan of your business listing information across the top 71 directory sites for accuracy. Any misinformation that is out there will be corrected within 60 days ensuring you a complete & accurate profile for not only your business, but ensure higher search engine rankings.

Method # 3: Fresh & Relevant Content Articles


Specific to your industry
Once a week, X2 is preferred
Up to date regarding industry changes, new marketing ideas, etc.
Always keep your potential client in mind as far as content
White reports, Newsletters, etc… require registration to build email lists
According to Google & other search engines, a constant supply of new & targeted content is either #1 or #2 ranking factor of your site. It is all about the user experience & search engines that can find this information now, across billions of pages, consider it essential!

While this could appear like a difficult task, I guarantee you that it isn’t (specifically if you bring on Streamline Advertising Group, which not only will supply your company with fresh & relevant content for your business, but also distributes your material throughout the internet for increased business traffic & new client capture).

Also…Content is not the only thing you can post across the the internet social media channels. Get creative, consider more options such as:

Deals or promo codes
Pictures as well as videos
Professional Affiliations
Quick tips like recipes, seasonal present suggestions, etc.
The top 8 Business Directories you should be involved with:

Better Business Bureau.
Angie’s List.
Merchant Circle.

off-site seo group 6 degrees socialMethod #4: Build High Quality Back Links

Once again… According to Google & other search engines, quality back links to your site is either #1 or #2 as far as ranking factors of your site. Since Google will not share the strength of their rank factors, however we do know that quality backlinks is in the top 2 and seriously needs to be in your off-site strategies to generate new clients.

YouTube (youtube.com) Simply go to YouTube and open an account. To create a video to post, just use and modern laptop or videocam, it’s that easy. As mentioned earlier, make sure there is plenty of relevant content about your product or service not only on the video, but also in the description box below, where you also post a link back to your site.

Facebook (facebook.com) Create a Business Page, post content as well as backlinks to your site.
Twitter (twitter.com)  There are 2 places that you can place backlinks in your Twitter account… one in the ‘website’ field, and another one in the description.
Google+ (plus.google.com) Anything Google is Gold…so use it.
Pinterest (pinterest.com) Not only post backlinks from your profile page, but also from Pins that you post.
LinkedIn (linkedin.com) LinkedIn carries a lot of weight with the search engines, so use it!
SlideShare (slideshare.net) SlideShare is owned by LinkedIn…Again, HUGE credibility, use for backlink authority.
Reddit (reddit.com) Another site that offers incredible opportunities to get high rankings & exposure with good content & backlinks
Vimeo (vimeo.com) Now you have the video of your presentation that you made for YouTube, you can also share it here. Put a link in your profile, and also in any video as that you post.
Vube (vube.com) Yet another video sharing site that offers you a chance to get more clients & higher ranking

Method # 5: Expand Your Social Footprint

Simply put, you need to be where your prospecting clients are as they go through the buying cycle, specifically when they are researching your product or business right before purchasing your product or utilizing your services. Every time a person likes, shares or retweets one of your articles, the social media network sends out a signal to search engines that you are an authority on this issue & gives you credibility…which gives you increased exposure.

Method # 6: Solicit Past Client Reviews & List on The Top Review Sites

Client testimonials and reviews are another core component of local SEO marketing due to the creditability factor which carries great weight in search engine algorithms.

If you are not currently &  proactively soliciting positive reviews and posting them online, you’re missing a golden opportunity to not only get in front of prospect client, but also gaining higher rankings in the search engines over your competitors. Advertising and marketing Land survey reports that 90% of customers reported that positive online testimonials affected their buying decisions.

How do you generate positive feedback to market with? Urge your consumers to leave you responses on Yelp, Google and Facebook. Make it part of daily business plan & reap the rewards!!

Below are a list of the most powerful review sites across the web, Determine which ones are right for you & unleash the potential they offer…

Angie’s List
Better Business Bureau (BBB)
Bing Places
Consumer Reports
Demand Force (newer review site)
Dex Knows
Google+ Local / Google Places
Home Advisor
Insider Pages
Judy’s Book
Trip Advisor
Yahoo! Local
Yellow Pages

Method # 7: Utilize Your Search Phrases

This goes back to the “Keywords” section earlier.

Determining keyword phrases that feel best describe your product or service will not only help you rank higher in the search engines, it will also aid you in creating content. And always remember this one simple but powerful fact, SEO and online marketing work as one, so it’s essential that you integrate the same keywords that you have integrated into your onsite SEO campaign with content that you post across the all offsite media channels. Keep your message congruent!

When trying to decide what keywords best describe your businesses product or service, put yourself in your consumers’ shoes… exactly what would they type into a search engine box when looking for organization? A great place to start your research on this might be to review your own company’s mission statement.

Again, refer to the “Keyword” section for more ideas and never forget to include your location for “Local Searches” on the major search engines.

Method #8: Get Mobile… Facts:

Since early 2015, Google has been making its search algorithm extra mobile-focused & now Will Affect Your Sites Rankings… Currently, there are 182 million smart device users in the United States alone, with an estimated 220 million by 2018.
– Over 60% of all internet searches are done on mobile devices.
– A single second delay in your website loading time can result in a 7% loss in conversion, and 40% of web users will abandon a website if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load.
– An increase in site speed from 8 to 2 seconds can boost your conversion rate by 74% (this is based on data monitoring real user activity from 33 major retailers).
– A page that takes 6 seconds to load will experience a 50% loss in conversion.
– 50% of mobile users will abandon of web page if it takes more than 10 seconds to load, and 60% won’t return to the site.
– Slow loading websites cost the U.S. e-commerce market more than $500 billion annually.
– Accelerated mobile pages and responsive websites will both work on a mobile phone, but the AMP Project and Responsive Web Design have different goals.
– Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a method of organizing and designing a website so that it works on any device, from a desktop computer to a mobile phone. It could be said that RWD is focused on flexibility.
– The AMP Project is a web framework designed for delivering content to mobile users instantly. AMP is focused on speed.
– Test your site’s speed & mobile friendliness at: https://testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com/
– So GO MOBILE or Go Home when it comes to page load speed & site design.


OK… I’ve just laid out 19 pages of the obvious:

You need to implement an effective on-page SEO strategy along with an extensive & well supplemented off-page social media campaign to stay completive & profit…PERIOD.

This is not a “phase” that the internet is going… it’s here to stay and is constantly evolving towards an exceptional user experience while increasing profits for the search engines.

What this means to business owners…

It’s all about building a relationship with a prospective client. When they are in the “research” stage of their buying cycle, make sure you are in front of them. Whether it’s being on page one with organic or PPC ads, or having an extensive network of social media sites if they decide to research social. Your business needs to spread exposure across many different channels to stay competitive today… and even more so tomorrow.

And stay consistent across the internet…

It is Essential that all your business information across the internet is consistent. Not only will prospects penalize you by moving due to lack of content, so will Google by lower rankings.

Bottom Line…

Stay diligent in optimizing your site, spread your message across the media channels with fresh content and accurate business information, capture & convert leads…. & You Will Profit!