COVID-19: How To Keep Your Digital Doors Open for New Business

Dan Kleinke

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social media 6 Degrees Social Digital AgencyIt is certainly not “Business as Usual”, however, you can still connect with past clients as well as let potential new clients get more information about your business in hopes of starting a relationship.

Here are a few strategies that will build loyalty and trust, as well as generate future business when we pass by this COVID-19 situation.

1st: Email With Valuable Content

Let past clients know that you are still open for business (if that is the case). We recently generated an email for an HVAC client that laid how his techs are ensuring safety for clients when arriving at their homes. It goes into great detail to address any fears that a potential customer might have when considering using their service.

This not only built trust in their brand by getting in front of past clients (and future referrals) with valuable content, it also re-enforces the fact that there are also fantastic deals out there as contractors are really struggling right now and are offering huge incentives.

We also included a “Schedule Appointment” button at the bottom to make it easy to contact them.

Here is the link to the email (which had a 51% open rate, typical open rate is 12%):

>>> Click Here to see the email template <<<

If you would like us to put something like that together, just give us a call at 262-951-1882

2nd: Use “Google My Business” Posts for Updates

Google controls approximately 86% of all internet searches and GMB / Google My Business is the best resource a business can use to update people on the status of your business.

Google My Business is the information panel that appears on the left of the organic searches that gives a wealth of information about a company. Included are hours of operation (or “Temporarily Closed”), updated posts about the status of your business, or new offerings or products/ services, etc.

Newsletter Covid GMB pic

This is also a good time to generate new client opportunities. Remember that most people have more free time & plenty of it is on research for new projects when COVID-19 passes. Go to GMB, click on “post” in the left column and inform the public about everything going on with your business and how or when you can help them.

If you have questions on accessing or using, feel free to give us a call & we will walls you through it, 262-951-1882

3rd: Address the COVID-19 Situation on Your Website

If you are still open for business, this is a must. By address how you are handling the COVID-19 situation, you show that you are responsible and worthy of a searcher’s business, now or in the future. They are 2 ways to implement this:

Either use a banner at the head of your site, or use a pop-up that will appear right after your website page loads.

Here are examples of both:
Click Here for an example of a banner

Click Here for an example of a pop-up
Click Here for a free & easy to use pop-up generator

Suggest that you follow this up a dedicated page explaining your procedures on safety:
Click Here for an example of a dedicated page

 6 Degrees Social Generate business generationSUMMARY: Just these few simple steps will reinforce your business is committed to the safety of your clients as well as future clients. We all know this COVID-19 will pass, so why not take the time now to position yourself as the responsible choice to do business either today or down the road.

Dan Kleinke is a managing partner of 6 Degrees Social with an office in West Bend. He can be reached at 262-951-1882 or by filling out the contact form.