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A General Overview

Content Marketing Network

So What Is It?

6 Degrees Social Content Marketing Network is your answer to a very old question!

How do you get your business out in front of your online customer-base, without spamming or being penalized by Google?


We have developed a unique system where we have our team of college educated writers output content for your business website.  They then get posted on your website, and get automatically promoted within our site network of over 47k sites across the globe, using a custom designed plugin we had developed for our client base.


Think of it like a content sharing network.


The system post articles, and they get seen by millions of people surfing the web! Your website doesn’t change, or look any different to you or your users.  A tiny mouse-over popup will show the links to the new articles we created for your site on your homepage.

Content Marketing 2
Free 30 Day Trial

We offer a free 30 day trial - up to 3 keywords. We are so confident on the results that we know once you see what it can do, you will see the value and continue working with us!

Content Marketing

This does several things:

Fresh Content

You get fresh content posted on your site every month*. This is hand written content added to your site, that is targeted to the keywords and locations you specify.

Internal Link Structure

These content pages are silo’d and inter-linked in a way that the search engines can find it and rank it quickly.

Linking Out

For every keyword you add into the system, you get two pages added to your site. The first is an article targeting your keywords you chose. The second page is resource page, which links out to other RELATED businesses in your industry (that are already in our network).

Relevant Linking

The pages that are created on your site get promoted across our network, but only from businesses and websites that are relevant to your industry. This is called Relevant Linking. It is important (to Google) that your site is linked to by other relevant sites in the same niche. However it is extremely difficult to get such links. We overcame this obstacle by categorising all the sites within our network .

List of Features


Amazing results come before even a week has passed, with little effort on your part!


You are billed once per month. No long term contracts required.


Websites are categorized so that you only partner with companies within your main industry.


Only legitimate companies with unique content sites are allowed to participate. No link farms or spammy sites.


Our team of writers output content targeting every keyword you add into our system, automatically.


We give you access to analytics and reporting showing the progress in real time.


We are so confident in our service that we invite you to try it for FREE for 30 days!


We structure the pages we create for you in a way that it gives Google exactly the data it's looking for.


We offer a program just for other SEO Agencies that just want us to do all the heavy lifting!

Check Out These Results

Content Marketing Network Reporting
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Content Marketing Network Reporting 2
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The above images are examples of live reporting and analytics from our Content Marketing Network backend that you would get access to if you sign up.


  • Per Keyword (Local)

  • $70/mo
    • $200 Setup Fee
    • $70 Per Local Keyword
    • Including Hand Written Content Per Keyword – Posted To Your Site
    • Including Citation Style Links Promoting New Content

Most Popular!
  • 10 Keyword Package

  • $700/mo
    • $200 Setup Fee
    • $70 Per Local Keyword
    • Including Citation Style Links Promoting New Content
    • ** Drip-fed content (as stated above) is only added to your campaign if purchasing 10 keywords or more.

  • National Keywords

  • $90/mo
    • $200 Setup Fee
    • $90 Per National Keyword
    • Increases Promotion Power
    • Including Citation Style Links Promoting New Content
    • ** 10+ Keyword Package Also Receives New Content Written Every Month

If you are a SEO reseller, please click here to find out more information about our reseller program.

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