SEO 101

Search Engine Optimization 101

One of the main goals of  Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is to maximize the number of visitors a website gets through the search engines, and you do this by obtaining spots on the search engine results page higher than your competitors (ideally the #1 position on top) and optimizing the click through rate (CTR) for better conversions.


  • SEO is one of the most affordable online marketing methods to generate traffic.
  • SEO is the most effective way to compete locally against bigger competition
  • Google & Facebook have platforms that cater to smaller businesses in their rankings (Google My Business & Facebook Local Search).


One of the strongest benefits of a properly developed SEO campaign is that it has the ability to sustain continued growth, and track results / ROI (return on investment) with analytic software such as Google Analytics.  If you use the 6 Degrees Social system, our dashboard will track the effectiveness of your SEO as well as provide you with analytics for future marketing investments.

Maximizing your company’s online presence involves many different techniques and strategies. However, with any marketing campaign, focusing on your target customer and the goals you have set –  is essential before you can begin to formulate a blueprint for success.

So… when creating a SEO strategy as a small business, remember that you have the advantage here! The goal of all search engines is to provide the user (your future client) the most relevant results to what they are looking for (whether that’s just information, or if they’re looking to make a purchase) – and these search engines have thousands of mathematical computer algorithms built in to assure accuracy and prevent spam and manipulation.

Internet search engine algorithms take in hundreds of factors when providing a user with search results. As a small business, you are able to supplement that formula with specific variables and data, that your competition either does not know of or did not to take advantage of.

Thanks to how Google has developed their local business market and search results/algorithms  –  one of the greatest advantages small businesses owners like yourself have is their actual physical location and proximity to the customer.  Google does a good job offering them more relevant results to the query the customer typed in, compared to a national or international search query.  However, you still need to provide the data they require, including consistent business information published across the web, customer reviews and discussion, links from other relevant websites and companies, and many other SEO ranking factors (that will go into in future posts).

Local search is a special kind of targeted SEO that will drive consumers to local businesses, such as restaurants, dentists, plumbers, law offices, etc.  Local businesses that have a well documented (online) presence in the scope of a searches request (or what we call “search query”).

Making use of local SEO will definitely increase your site traffic, because you will then be in front of the potential customer as they go through their typical buying cycle when making a purchase decision (or service request).  This customer buying process includes verifying brand reputation (finding positive customer reviews and discussion posted on the web), seeing your business in the top results of Google using multiple search queries, and having a good user experience when reading your website.

6 Degrees Social helps local businesses achieve a successful SEO campaign by using their many years of experience is delivering what Google wants.  Check out our local SEO service and see how we can help your business achieve the same amazing results!

Dan Kleinke

Owner and CEO of 6 Degrees Social , Inc.