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Case Study of Ranking Improvement

Case Study Improvements

We put this client on both our review management system as well our content link network program and the results speak for themselves. After adding to our review management system - they went from 49 5 star reviews to 87 5 star reviews purely based on our system finding 38 more reviews from one of the 250 sites we aggregate reviews from. This then gets placed on a review microsite, as well as their own site and Facebook, (and other sites) so they can more easily get new business.


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Tenth page to Second Page

We rebuilt this site onto the WordPress platform, did significant SEO onpage optimization and ranked this from page 10 to 2nd page in a couple months.


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5th Page to 1st Page

This keyword jumped from 5th page to 1st page (#10) within a month and we’ve kept it around #9-#10 for awhile. Working on improving this even further with our link network.


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From nowhere to #5

This one was ranking nowhere, and after our work porting from Joomla to WordPress, and our other SEO efforts, we pushed it to #5!


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From #60 to #13

With our 6 Degrees Social Content and Link Network program,
we were able to create a new page targeting this keyword and rank it from #60 to #13 in just a few days. Powerful stuff!


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Improvement in Rankings: 5th Page to #11

This is just another example of our link network doing it’s amazing job. From #41 to #11 in just a week.

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From #77 to First Page

This keyword ranked the page originally at 4th page,
then moved down, and when Google saw our new links from our thematic link partners, it pushed it up to the first page!

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From #33 to #2

Our custom content and linking plugin created this page over a week ago and stayed steady at #33 for awhile then moved it up to #2 position on the first page. Amazing and quick results!